Washington Post claims Melania Trump is using the White House website to “promote” her business interests because the White House website includes a brief bio of her professional work history

Jan. 20: Melania And a Conflict of Interest?

The Claim: Melania Trump is using the White House website to “promote” her business interests.

The SourceThe Washington Post.

The Facts: The White House website includes a brief biography of first lady and former model Melania Trump. That bio lists some of her professional accomplishments, which includes launching a line of jewelry and posing for several major magazines.

This is hardly the scandal promised in the Post’s headline. The word “promotes” suggests some sort of abuse of the White House website for personal gain and/or profit. The whole Washington Post attack hinges on the inclusion of the one phrase “Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry”, on QVC”, which the White House has since taken down (likely due to the WP complaining). Does the Washington Post really think that the White House First Lady Biography webpage is really a viable way to get customers? AND the jewelry isn’t even for sale on QVC or anywhere else!  Maybe it’s just that Melania takes great pride in her work accomplishments and wants to list them, but I doubt the Washington Post likes Melania enough to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No one, rightfully, seemed to care when Michelle Obama posted in her bio the name of the big law firm (Sidley & Austin) she worked at after graduating from Law School.

In all likelihood, Melania had nothing to do with this, and simply the person in charge of the website got Melania’s resume and put together a web bio for her. But… why be realistic when we can attack our enemies.

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