False CNBC, Politico, & MSNBC Claim the Justice Department “had no input” on Trump’s immigration executive order and was in the dark. [Harwood Fake New Tweet = 3000+ Retweets. Retraction = 194 Retweets]

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Jan. 28Never Mind

The Claim: The Justice Department “had no input” on Trump’s immigration executive order, and the federal agency was reportedly left in the dark when the law was drafted.

The Source: CNBC’s John Harwood.

The Facts: Harwood said on social media, “senior justice official tells [NBC News] that Dept. had no input. Not sure who in WH is writing/reviewing. Standard [National Security Council] process not functioning.”

But then Harwood tweeted a clarification about an hour later, stating, “new info from [NBC’s Pete Williams]: another DOJ official says proposed immigration order was reviewed by department lawyers before it was issued.” Acting Atty. Gen. Sally Yates later stated that attorneys at DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel did approve the order as lawful on its face and properly drafted.

Archive of Sally Yates Letter

PDF of letter


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