Trump did not hang up on Aussie PM as was claimed by tons of news creators

Feb. 1

The Claim: Trump pitched a fit during a phone call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, which ended with the U.S. president abruptly hanging up on the prime minister.

The Source: The Washington Post.

The Facts: Like Trump’s call to Mexico, no one seems to have any hard knowledge of what actually happened. After the Post reported that the phone call went terribly wrong, journalists went wild on social media. Then the clarifications and walk backs started pouring in from Australian and American officials.

Turnbull himself disputed the press’ coverage of the call, and he said Trump “did not hang up.”

Like reports on Trump’s call with Mexico, it’s entirely possible that the White House and the Australian PM are being less-than-honest about the nature of their conversation. But we really have no idea, and the Post’s thinly sourced story doesn’t clear anything up.