Reporter Falsely Claims Secret Service Purge – 1800 Reweets

Feb. 3A Secret Service Purge?

The Claim: Certain manager-level Secret Service personnel were forced to resign last week, and they were escorted suddenly out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The SourceThe Atlantic’s Steve Clemons.

The Facts: An agency spokeswoman told the Washington Examiner that the claim is “absolutely false.”

Clemons himself backtracked later, and said on social media that he meant to say that it was the White House Chief of Information Security who was “forced to resign.”

“I have confirmed that the Chief of Information Security at White House forced to resign. Was error in tagging him as Secret Service,” he said. “It is the [Chief of Information Security] function, at minimum, in [White House] that saw forced resignations last night. These folks work w/ @SecretService but not of Secret [Service].”

Interestingly enough, the Secret Service’s official Twitter account responded to Clemons’ online clarifications by claiming he was still incorrect. The Secret Service account also claimed Clemons never contacted them for comment.


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