Press goes wild over random guys Facebook post which claims Trump and Japanese PM Abe discussed North Korea in public over dinner. Oh and he didn’t hear or see anything that indicated North Korea was discussed, he just assumed. Stop The Presses!!!

Several baseless reports said that Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe discussed classified info at dinner table at Mar-a-Largo. They were discussing press conference plans for next day. The White House rebutted the claims and said that they were discussing plans for a joint news conference they were scheduled to hold. And Trump was properly briefed about North Korea in a classified setting.

This all started with a Washington Post article (link) which found a Mar-a-lago club members’ Facebook photo he took that night and description he wrote. After reading 42 paragraphs into the Washington Post article you get to the very last one which reads, “You don’t hear anything. You can’t hear” because of the background music and other diners’ chatter, DeAgazio said. “I mean, I can barely hear what’s going on at my table.”

So this guy says he saw Trump and Abe crowding around a table and looking at a laptop and some papers, but didn’t hear or see anything about North Korea at Trump’s table, and this is the whole basis for the accusation of what took place there? Seriously?

This is the Facebook post that is the basis for everything…this!