No, Trump didn’t let Boeing’s CEO eavesdrop on calls with Lockheed

Feb. 16: Eavesdropping

The Claim: Trump allowed Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to eavesdrop on his calls in January to Lockheed Martin.

The SourceProPublica’s Michael Grabell.

The Facts: The report cited by Grabell said no such thing. Rather, the Bloomberg News story, titled “Trump’s F-35 Calls Came With a Surprise: Rival CEO Was Listening,” reported Trump allowed Muilenburg to sit in on calls made to the Air Force general who manages the Lockheed Martin Corp. F-35 jet.

Grabell eventually deleted his initial tweet, and he noted his mistake.

“I tweeted a story with incorrect reading earlier. I was working and didn’t note the [number] of [re-tweets],” he said. “Fine, it’s a correction my original tweet was wrong. Read the story.”

Before he deleted his incorrect interpretation of the Bloomberg story, it had more than 600 shares. As of this writing, his clarification has been re-tweeted 60 times.


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