CNN former contributor and interim DNC chair Donna Brazile sharing questions with the Clinton campaign before a debate and a town hall during the Democratic primary

On March 13th 2016, the CNN Democratic Presidential Townhall took place in Columbus, Ohio.

The night before, March 12th, Donna Brazile had the following email exchanges with the Clinton Campaign. (Notice these are DKIM verified with 2048-bit RSA keys. Read the wikipedia page here for more info about this technology.)

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Here is the actual video showing the questions being asked to Clinton during the debate:


February 28th 2017 – Donna Brazile claims that Emails she “allegedly” sent, don’t tell “complete story”. She said: “The emails that were allegedly sent to me or sent from me, you know, told a story but it didn’t tell a complete story.” Then proceeds to not actually tell the complete story. Link